C Tutorial

WARNING: This C Tutorial is not written for total beginners, so if you don't know how to program in C-like languages such as Java at least, I advise you to go through other tutorials.

CAUTION: This tutorial is a work in progress, meaning it is incomplete at this stage. Feel free to contribute in the comments.

This section shows a tutorial on programming in C using the C99 standard.


All examples here are written using an x86_64 Linux machine (Debian 8), GCC (v 4.9) as C-compiler. Different environments might work differently.

Also note that the tutorial pages have been written by myself. Even though I have tested the functionality of the code before publishing here, I cannot guarantee anything, especially not the efficiency of the resulting programs as I am not an advanced programmer in C myself and parsed those tutorials to keep a track of stuff as a reminder in my own learning process.

This section is mainly parsed of own examples or some taken and / or edited from The PC Assembly Language, C von A bis Z and C von Kopf bis Fuß. Please refer to the Notice and Resources sections for more information as well as additional sources the following tutorials might be based on.